Testimonials from Carla Bianco’s Students

“I started taking voice lessons from Carla Bianco in high school. I was strictly a dancer growing up, but Carla really helped me find my voice and become a singer. Not only did she help me with singing but she pushed me to become an actor, as well. I am very thankful for the time I have spent with her, because in todays industry, you need to be a triple threat. Her teaching style is very unique. She not only teaches you to sing, but she teaches you about proper technique and voice placement. This is so you can have a long and healthy career. I am very grateful for that. I would recommend anyone to take voice lessons with Carla. She truly helped me become the performer that I am today!”

– Amber Ardolino

Broadway Cast of Hamilton, Moulin Rouge, Back to the Future

“Having the opportunity to work with Carla over the last 4 years has been such a treat. She has helped me improve, not only as a vocalist and a performer, but as a person too. Her positive attitude and patience in the studio makes for a great learning environment. Carla takes the time to get to know her students, so she can tailor each lesson to their needs. I have thoroughly enjoyed learning and creating with Carla!”

– Caitlin McDonnell

Dutch Wonderland Performer, RWS Entertainment Group                                            Point Park University BFA, Musical Theatre

“As a teacher and mentor, Carla has made the single greatest impact on my life. She sees the world through very unique eyes and has a rare ability to help students connect to the deepest levels of their artistry and to the material they are performing. Carla was instrumental in my development as a singer/songwriter. A lot of the wisdom that Carla instilled in me I credit in helping me achieve the No. 1 Billboard-charting remixes and one Top 40 Billboard-charting single.”

– Ryan Skyy

Top 40 Billboard-charting Music Producer & Songwriter

“Working with Carla is incredibly beneficial in the growth and maturity of talent and skill set. She knows how to challenge you, as well as make you think outside the box. Not to mention her generosity when it comes to time, playfulness and empathy. She prepared me for the next big steps in my career and has continued to be that guiding light that every performer craves. I highly recommend a coaching with Carla!”

– Kelsey Crismon

Tokyo Disneyland Performer
BFA Musical Theatre, University of Cincinnati College Conservatory of Music

“Carla is incredibly gracious, insightful, and skilled at her craft. She teaches not only stellar vocal technique, but the importance of connecting the singing to the acting and using the whole body to tell a story, which produces connected, well-rounded performers. She has given me the tools to sing vocal styles I never thought I would excel in, vocal stamina, and the confidence to share my work as an artist. She invests so much in her students, the growth I have seen since working with her is unmatched. I am honored to have her as a teacher and a mentor. She is a huge part of why I’m working in the theatre industry today, and I’m so grateful for our years together!”

– Hailie Hagedorn

Norwegian Cruise Lines Performer
BFA Musical Theatre, Point Park University

“In just a few short months, Carla has helped me improve my singing and breathing techniques while still keeping the unique qualities of my voice. These skills have opened up many song possibilities that I can now confidently sing! I enjoy working her and can’t wait to see the progress we continue to make!“
– Ellen Swain

Pop/Blues Vocalist in Sons of Margaret Band
Master’s in Speech Language Pathology, University of Pittsburgh


“Carla completely changed my voice! Her years of experience as a performer allows her to apply practical vocal technique to any genre of music (from pop/rock to golden age musical theatre). Through my lessons, I gain a greater sense of healthy vocal technique, physical awareness, and stamina while singing. I feel confident to enter the musical theatre industry as a vocalist – all thanks to Carla!”

– Avery Rausch

Waldameer & Water World Performer, RWS Entertainment Group
Point Park University BFA, Musical Theatre

Because of Carla, my voice grew in ways I couldn’t imagine. Her amazing techniques helped strengthen my belt, breath control, vocal range, and more. She pushed me to go beyond what I thought I could do and gave me so much confidence.  Without her, I wouldn’t be a working singer/dancer today.

– Jillian Campbell

Norwegian Cruise Lines Performer
BFA Dance, Point Park University

“Carla Bianco has given me the tools to succeed as a young artist: a solid technical foundation and an expansive repertoire. Mrs. Bianco uses a holistic approach to singing that goes above and beyond vocal technique that has allowed me to connect deeper with my material. Mrs. Bianco has also broadened my vocal style through exposure to a variety of genres.”

– Aaron Ventresca

Princeton University
CLO Performer

Having a class with Carla Bianco was transformative for me, not just as a musician, but woke something deep inside me that changed several aspects of my life. Her soft and comforting presence and straight forward clear demeanor in exploring songs – finding the intention behind lyrics, and the authenticity within ourselves as singers/interpreters of those songs – created the perfect learning environment. I’m a life long singer, a voice teacher for 15 years, and Carla had me looking to approach songs in a whole new way, and also inspired me to become a songwriter. I’m forever grateful for those three magical days under her instruction!

– Julie Dean

Owner/Instructor Julie Dean Voice Studio

“Carla is such a wonderful teacher. She pushes me to explore my range of emotions and different techniques to help develop a realistic character.”
– Felicia Niebel

Roosevelt University, BFA Musical Theater