Frequently Asked Questions

What is your teaching philosophy?

I believe that every actor, singer, songwriter, performer is an individual artist first. Not only do we need to learn technical skills but we need to allow our natural talents to soar through us as a unique expression. I tailor my coaching to fit you. Together, we discover who you are at your core and what you want to achieve while developing the necessary expertise to get there. We work on increasing your ability to express to the world who you are as a performer and a human being.


Why do you teach?

I love helping an artist make his or her vision a reality. I love being a part of the process of learning the craft and watching talent unveil itself.  I love passing on valuable lessons that have been priceless to me and guiding a student on their journey of art and life. It’s awesome to be able to give back to students what I wish I would have known before I set foot on my path. It’s a thrill and a wonderful responsibility to help shape the performers of tomorrow.


What is a specialized training boutique?

My studio offers very focused and particular areas of study in the performing arts where you can hone in on mastering a set of skills. By training at an elite level, the coaching sessions and classes provide the necessary foundation for achieving your goals in the entertainment industry. Whether it be to perform on Broadway, become the next big recording artist or major motion picture actor, the Carla Bianco Voice Studio’s specialized training prepares you completely from developing technical skills to mentoring your career.


What age levels do you teach?

For private coaching, which is a more intensive one-on-one study, I normally work with students ages 10 and up. But sometimes a younger student comes along that is an early bloomer with much talent and drive. That’s why I always recommend an initial consultation to see if it’s the right time to start private coaching. But my classes cater to students as young as age 7 and up to age 18. I also work with college students preparing to break into the business and adults looking to get back to their training and reenergize their careers.


How long are your coaching sessions?

I recommend a one hour weekly session in which the first half is dedicated to developing technique, whether vocal, acting or songwriting and the second half devoted to working on repertoire, monologues and songs. Although, for the pre-teen student, a half hour would suffice depending on your needs and goals.   I recommend weekly lessons for optimal results but bi-monthly lessons can work as well depending on the consistency of your practice regimen. We would discuss what is best for you at your initial consultation.


What if I want a coaching session in both acting and voice or both voice and songwriting or even all three?

I would advise that you register for the Custom-Made coaching session. We would discuss at your initial consultation what would be the best way to incorporate all your areas of interest. Whether it be to split the hour between 2 areas of study or to focus on one area for 6 months and the other area for the next 6 months. We could tailor-make your coaching session to fit your needs which we could tweak along the way if need be.


What do I need to bring to my coaching session?

Please bring something to record with whether it be an iPhone, iPad or a more sophisticated recording device. I also recommend a binder with plastic covers for holding music, compositions, monologues and other scripts depending on your area of study. If you are a songwriting students and plan an instrument, please bring it with you. A piano is provided if that is your area of study. A journal is highly recommended as well for notes and inspiration.

Still have questions?